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Email Force combines advanced automation technology with proven scripts from
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Instantly generate profitable emails to promote any product or service …

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Pick From 8 Categories And 17 Unique Sequences:

2 Webinar,

5 Front-End Product Sequences

Top Converting Upsell Sequence

5 Lead Magnet Sequences

Product Launch Sequence

Affiliate Marketing Sequence

Powerful High Ticket Sales Sequence

Proven Service Consulting Sequence

Over 75 Unique Emails To Customize In
UNLIMITED Ways For ANY Product Or Service

Email Force Makes It 3 Step Simple For You


Login, choose a category and fill in a profile for your product or service.

You’ll be guided through a series of questions that define your product, target market, unique selling propositions and more.

You can save each profile to reuse or modify in the future.


Select the sequences you want emails for, then click “create”. Email Force will automatically generate up to 75 powerful & unique emails for your promotion.

Use the built-in editor to customize your emails to perfectly fit your style - change appearance, layout, wording and calls-to-action with the click of your mouse.


Let Email Force upload your campaigns directly to your autoresponder and send them for you …

Or do it manually and schedule as you see fit - the choice is yours.

Sit back and watch the automated profits pile up as your winning campaigns are delivered.

Save Time & Hassles: Email Force Uploads
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DIRECT API Integration With Your Favorite Autoresponders

* More autoresponders are being added regularly, and if yours isn’t on the list you can quickly import your Email Force sequences manually.

Watch How EASILY Email Force AUTOMATES
Your Email Marketing In This Demo:

Just How Powerful Is
EFFECTIVE Email Marketing?

User Pic

Welcome Emails: INCLUDED With Email Force

Welcome emails are incredibly effective: on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to
them on a per email basis than other promotional emails -, June 2017

User Pic

Cart Recovery Emails: INCLUDED With Email Force

The cart recovery series generates up to 131% more orders than the single cart recovery email
-, July 2017

User Pic

Promotional Emails: INCLUDED With Email Force

7 of 10 Consumers Redeem Email Promotions
7 out of 10 people actually used a promo code or discount that they received in their email
-, April 2017

All These Emails And HUNDREDS More Are Waiting
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Your one-time investment is completely covered by a money-back guarantee

My Bonus Package For Email Force

Bonuses For You

Exclusive Bonus #1: WP Engage Plus Plugin
WP Engage + is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys. So That You Can Start Increasing Commissions, Subscribers, And Your Profits!

Below are just some of the few features and benefits that you can get from this amazing tool:

  • VERY easy to install and to use
  • Easily redirect your visitors after each poll to any page you want
  • 7 jaw-dropping and professional designs that you can choose from.
  • Cool and engaging widget effects
  • Possibility of setting up restrictions
  • In depth and precise results and statistics
  • Complete and FULL customization, so that you can have more choices to increase your profits
  • Add audio background into your poll/surveys
  • Each survey or poll can be embedded on sidebars, in posts, and even on pages
  • You can create an unlimited number of polls or surveys
  • And much, much more!
Exclusive Bonus #2: Affiliate Advantage Plugin
Do Not Post About Another Product or Write Another Review Until You’ve Installed This Profit Boosting Wordpress Plugin!

This isn’t like my usual products because with this one there is a giant elephant in the room which we need to address right off the bat.

Here’s a brief overview of amazing plugin:

  • This plugin sets your affiliate tracking cookie for the product they are reading
  • You don’t have to have obvious affiliate links in your post
  • You can set cookies for multiple products in one post
  • Easy to configure and no short codes needed!
  • Links easily edited or removed.
Exclusive Bonus #3: Cross Sell Slider Pro
Easily Boost Your Sales With No Extra Work Using The Cross Sell Slider Pro Desktop Software!

Cross-selling is a practice of selling or suggesting related or complimentary products to a current buyer. This is one of the best and easiest menthod of marketing other relevant products while your customers is in the buying mode.

  • Creates Cross Sell Sliders In Just Minutes.
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks.
  • Software Requires No Installation.
  • Option To Change Background Colors.
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page.
  • Option To Change Slider Headline.
  • Option To Add Time Delay To Slider.
  • Cross Sell Slider Hovers Above Page.
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webserver.
  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL.
  • Option To Change Text & Font Colors.
Exclusive Bonus #4: Abstract Image Collection V2
Ready to use abstract images for your needs!

Images comes in various types and arts depending on the factors and the reasons of its usage. The fact is that images really is a good factor to grab people's attention. And if you are an internet marketer, taking advantage of graphics or images should not be taken for granted.
Inside this product is a bundle of abstract images that you can use as your website background, quote background and other usage.

Exclusive Bonus #5: WP Viral Rater Plugin
Google And Social Signals Results In Huge Opportunity For The Savvy Internet Marketer!

Google quitely, announced the new feature for the search engine, called Rich Snippets. Using microformat or RDF you can add pieces of code that will Google find and use with search engine results.

This is then used for a criteria factor when the SE crawls your and factors an all the requirements necessary to meet, to acquire these coveted Visual Jewels!
Better yet, If BIG G does dicide to include your ratings, you then included in the Organic Search Results as well!
This, IMHO is about as good as winning Mega Lotto (This-Traffic-CTR-Sales)

Exclusive Bonus #6: 300 Logo Templates
300 Ready-Made Logo Designs - Great For Offline Clients!

Building a successful online empire comes with the brand throughout your journey. That's why internet marketers and bloggers use the power of branding to get noticed and be remembered.

Branding comes in many factors. You can brand your company by the quality of your product, the information you've shared to your website. But above all this factor, there is one media that represents them all - that is your company logo.

Exclusive Bonus #7: Simple Social Expandable
This Wordpress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blog!

Simple Social Expandable adds social network buttons, five social sharing buttons, such as: Facebook 'Like it!', Google plus on '+1', Twitter share and Pinterest Pin it.

Google follow plugin is fully customizable. You can decide where to put those buttons in your page.

Your one-time investment is completely covered by a money-back guarantee

Other Bonuses

Affiliazione WP

Affiliates plugin allows you to set up an affiliate
marketing program for your users tracking their
referrals, clicks and sales.

Messaggio Automatico

Automessage WordPress Plugin allows you to
send custom automated welcome emails for
several days after a user joins your site or network.


E-Newsletter plugin adds a professional
management system for your email newsletter and
subscribers to your WordPress website.


Invite Plugin allows your users to send out
invitations to friends to view or join your WordPress site.

Private Messaging

The Private Messaging WordPress plugin from
WPMUDEV allows your users to chat and share
files safely on your website through direct messages.

Social Marketing share

Social Marketing plugin allows you to offer
incentives for users sharing your products or services
on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Subscribe by email

Subscribe by Email Plugin allows your visitors to
be automatically notified about your latest
content in email digests.

Ultimate Facebook integrazione

Ultimate Facebook plugin fully integrates your
WordPress blog with Facebook (autopost to
your Facebook page or wall

Simple Ads

Simple Ads WordPress Plugin allows you
to insert ads on posts and pages across a multisite

Popup Pro

Popup pro plugin allows you to add highly flexible
and customizable popups for advertising
or special promotions to your site.


The Easygram WordPress Plugin allows you to
create amazing posts or galleries on your
WordPress Site which include your Instagram photos.

Social Commerce

The Social Commerce WordPress Plugin converts
your WordPress Site into a Facebook friendly destination
- especially for your social eCommerce customers.

Viral Video Box

Brand Audio and Video players with your logo, content and add time-stamp call outs such as a pop-up notice, flashing button and auto-responder optin popup. Plugin allows you to create unlimited players and publish using a simple shortcode. Include social media, and even an embed code for users to share you customized player!

70 Sales Letter Swipe Secret Files

Get Hordes of People Buying Your Product After Watching Your Video Sales Letter! Discover How to Create a Video Sales Letter that Gets People to Watch from Start to Finish, and Give Them the Urge to Buy Your Product Right Away

Wp Slide Bar Pro

If you want to convert more of your website visitors into loyal subscribers, or just to get them to engage more with your content, then this is a powerful WordPress plugin that will take your website performance to the next level! Complete install & usage instructions are included.

Survey Logic Wordpress Plugin

This brand new plugin takes the best of what those "big boys" offer with their high-priced solutions, and combines it with the software you already know how to use for a fully customized experience

YT Rank Analyzer

This brand new plugin takes the best of what those "big boys" offer with their high-priced solutions, and combines it with the software you already know how to use for a fully customized experience

Your one-time investment is completely covered by a money-back guarantee